Dec 5, 2017

Takeda Hospital - Last post on this subject

 I posted this before but in case you did not see it I have added it here. This is a typical hospital room with two beds. Privacy is provided by a curtain and at night there is a small light that can be used for reading or whatever.
 This is the dining room and the TV room. All the patients who can move around eat their meals together here.
 This is the main hall. The rooms are all off to the left and on the right are toilets, a room with sinks for brushing teeth and washing hands and faces. In back of this room there is a large Japanese style bath. There is also a utility room with a coin operated washer and drier.
This is the old section where the operating was located through the doors on the right. They are only used once in a while now and no longer are there major operations. Behind the door at the end of the hall is the only private room.

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