Nov 7, 2014

Still at Takatsu Jinja, even after a week's delay

I'm sorry for the week with no posts, but I was hospitalized. In spite of two CT scans, fMRI and numerous blood tests, they were unable to completely solve the mystery of what was wrong. The actual pain that sent me in an ambulance during the middle of the night was quickly discovered and is not serious. It requires no further action at the moment. However, some of the blood test results were way, way above average and they were unable to determine the cause because within a couple of days they were back to normal. Hopefully, this will not happen again.

 I was finally at the top of the stairs and could see some of the buildings in the shrine. The one straight ahead was closed so I could not see what was in it.
 However, to the left at the top of the stairs was a building with an open altar. I tried to see through the holes in the doors behind the red vases, but it was too dark inside.
Turning left again, I found a short stairway of natural bedrock that when up the hill and behind the altar. There I found another small building.

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