Nov 26, 2014

The end of the walk

 I stopped at Mirikaroden for a drink and a chance to sit down are rest for a while. I still had about a 20 minute walk to get home. As I was leaving, I saw the personnel from the children's section setting up scarecrows at the side of the road. They are directly across the street from the entrance to the new children's building, so a lot of kids will enjoy them.
About half way from Mirikaroden to home, I passed these two women. The cart contained some farm equipment and a dog. I was tempted to move around to their front and ask if I could take a picture but in the end I settled for this. This by the way is quite typical of the way that women working in the paddies or gardens dress. Hats with huge brims to keep off the sun, big baggy padded pants, and a number of layers of shirts usually ending with a white one.

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