Jan 13, 2015

Buddhism and Shinto sharing the same property

 This is the back of a little stone shrine as seen from the road.
This is the altar of the Buddhist site that shares the same ground. The writing says that this is the 19th of the 88 sites on the Buddhist pilgrimage around Nakagawa town. It is dedicated to the 1,000 armed Kanon. The thousand arms represent Kanon's ability to save many people at the same time.

I've mentioned the 88 site pilgrimage before, but I still have not obtained a map showing them. They apparently went out of favor before WWII but many of the sites still remain and a cared for daily. Other sites have disappear or are located on private property where they are no longer open to the public. I have been told that the town library has a map showing the locations of all 88 but I have not yet had a chance to check. If they have a map, I will try to get a copy. I would like to walk around and photograph all of the locations as they are today.

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