Jan 15, 2015

Views in the area

 This tree has been trained so that it stretches across the complete driveway. Pieces of bamboo are tied to it for support and there is a strong support near the ground because the tree is completely out of balance and would probably just fall over with the support and the bamboo. There are many trees that have been trained like this. Sometimes they cross a driveway and at other times they follow the property line. It, of course, takes many years to grow a tree like this. In many ways, it is similar to bonsai, in that it takes lots of time and care.
This is back along the river. There is a woman and a child looking at something in the water. I usually walk on the right bank of the river, but today I decided to cross the bridge and walk on the other side. On the right you can see the stone stairs leading from the footpath to the riverbank and the cherry trees along the path.

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