Jul 23, 2014

A strange interesction

 This is one of those very common but weird intersections that occur all over Japan. Notice that the zebra crossing lines only appear on three of the four possibilities. This means that, if I am walking on the sidewalk to the immediate left, coming into the picture on the side road, and I want to cross the main road and continue along the right side of the same road, I have to cross three zebra crossings instead of one. When I arrive at the intersection, I have to wait for the traffic light so that I can turn left and cross the road I had been walking on. Then I have to wait for the light to change so that I can cross to the other side of the main road. Finally I have to again wait for the light to change so that I can cross back to the side of the road that I had been on before I got to the intersection. Considering that the traffic lights at many intersections take between four and five minutes to complete a cycle, this can add a substantial amount of time to your walk.

A few weeks ago I believe I mention that I asked a police officer what the reason for this was and he said that he did not know and that, when he thought about it, it did not seem to make sense.
I was nearing Mirikaroden, which you can see on the far side of the garden. This garden appears to be some sort of community project, maybe they are learning about farming or maybe they are going to sell the harvest to raise money for something else.

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