Jul 28, 2014

Parking lots

This is a rental parking lot with lots on both sides of the road. The picture I  posted yesterday showed the bedding, futons, that you can see on the right. From that one story house, my apartment is the third one. There is a three story apartment building, the white one, then a private home and finally our building at the point where this road dead ends.

This area has many rental parking spots. We are less than a five minute walk from the Shinkansen station that allows access to the big city, Fukuoka, in less than ten minutes. Driving from here would take thirty to forty minutes depending on traffic. Another reason for all the parking spots is the increasing number of large apartment buildings. These usually do not have parking or, if they do, there are are an insufficient number of spaces.

My apartment comes with a free parking space. There is one for each apartment. However, we no longer have a car, so we only use it for guests.

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