Jul 26, 2014

The entrance to my apartment

This is the first floor entrance hall to my building. The apartments are on the left through the door and mine is on the second floor opposite the stairs.

The silver colored object on the wall is our mailboxes. There are three apartments on each floor. On the wall on the right is a board for posting notices about upkeep, trash collection, and other things related to the building's community. The black, white and blue object under the mailboxes is a wastebasket for chirashi, the ads that people put in your mailbox. In the US, I think it is still illegal to put anything other than mail in a mailbox, however, here there is no such restriction so everyday we get a dozen or so ads. They immediately go into this wastebasket. A huge waste of paper!

Although there is a door to the outside (behind me), there is no lock on it so we occasionally get a salesman or some religious person. Earlier in the month we had two young Morman women come to the door to try to convert us. My wife invited them in on the condition that they not talk about religion. We gave them a cold drink and some cookies and talked to them about Japan. They were interesting. We invited them to come back but they haven't. I wonder if they told their supervisor about it and were forbidden to come back for fear that we might convert them.

It is so hot here that I am unable to go out for walks so for the next month of so I will be posting single pictures each day. The temperature here is above 35 degrees C (96 degrees F) every day and the humidity is averages around 70%. It is too hot to go out for walks, so I will be limited as to how many pictures I can take. As soon as it cools off a little I will start taking long walks again and post three pictures a day again. Please bear with me.

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