Jul 19, 2014

Bike Box

 In Japan the word bike refers to a motorcycle.This sign is on the side of a large metal box and it is an ad for a bike garage, a metal container that is the right size for holding a motorcycle, scooter, or other two wheeled vehicle. They both rent out space and sell the bike boxes. By the way, look at the string of English words in blue. This is an example of why English teachers will continue to find jobs in Japan.
From the side, I could see that there were two rental bike boxes here. Behind them are larger rental storage containers. Japanese houses and apartments do not have much storage space. It is often insufficient even for clothes, bed clothes and that sort of thing, so storage boxes are very popular and you often find them on empty land. For a small piece of property, you can make more money be installing two layers of storage boxes than making a parking lot. For larger properties, parking lots make more profit.

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