Apr 8, 2014

A shrine

 This looked like a huge grave yard filled with crosses. Actually it was the outdoor storage area for the uprights that support the temporary railings that they install to separate construction sites from the road. A section of this road is being widened. Japanese roads often have many different widths as you follow them. It appears that when ever the property is available and they have sufficient funds they will widen a section of a road, even if it is for only a few tens of meters.
 I live in a wide river valley that was built by the Naka River. Kasuga is in the next valley and the road that I had taken passes over the high area between them. As I started down the slope into the Kasuga valley, I started looking for the shrine that was marked on my map. I found it perched on the top of the slope on the other side of the street.
I crossed at the next light and found that the torii was at street level, at the bottom of the slope, and access was via a flight of stairs.

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