Apr 22, 2014


 On my way to Mirikaroden, the culture center where I take art lessons, I saw this yellow house. The panels on the roof convert sunlight into electricity. The last data that I saw said that this sort of installation would pay for itself in about 20 years and could be expected to be usable for at least 25 years. This is a great investment if you can find the money for the initial purchase and installation of the panels.
 When I reached Mirikaroden, I stopped to look at my classes' show in the lobby.
On the way home I noticed what appeared to be a stelae down a side road so I walked down to investigate. There was a large raised platform with a stelae and some other objects. To the right of the stairs, there was what looked like a place for offering candles. If that was what the little roofed object actually was, this is a Buddhist site and would be quite unusual.

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