Oct 6, 2014

Almost home

 As I walked along the path behind the school, I saw the end of a physical education class. Notice that the kids are wearing hats, some red and some white. This is a good example of what I have pointed out before, the colors used by the two sides in an old civil war are still used to designate sides in activities. Of course, there is no longer any killing battles involved, but it extends a long tradition.
 In many homes, rather than using curtains, the widows will be shaded by sliding panels that are covered in a special heavy paper. However, if you have children or just wait too long, this is what happens to them. The shoji paper is easy to acquire as is the glue, however, some people use the old fashion rice flour and water glue.
This is the river nearest my apartment. It is at the edge of the large park where I play ground golf. The tree in the center is a cherry tree and it was extremely beautiful when it was in full bloom during the spring.

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