Oct 28, 2014

Nearing Takatsu Jinja

 Takatsu Jinja, my main goal for the day, is high up in the hills on the north side of the bowl shaped valley that I was in. This valley is, except for the valleys cut by the Sakudaunade and Naka rivers, completely surrounded by high, steep-sided hills. Since I was not really sure where I was going, I followed the signs I found along the way and traced the route on my electronic map in my Nexus 7. The four blue kanji on the right side of the white sign read Taka-tsu-jin-ja. The four kanji on the left indicate that there are also remains of a fort somewhere in the same direction.
 I left the housing area and, still on the flat road, entered an area of woods and overgrown fields. At last I saw a torii but according to my map I was still along way from the shrine.
Another five minutes of walking and I reached the base of the hills and discovered more torii and some signs.

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