Oct 5, 2014

Still along the river

 This is a dam that can be raised during periods of heavy rain to prevent flooding. The light blue part can be rotated so that the right side becomes the top. This creates a pool about a meter and a half deeper than normal. While the pool fills, the water downstream (to the right) has a chance to clear out. By carefully timing the raising and lower of these dams (there seems to be one at least every kilometer), the water level can be controlled and a lot of flooding can be prevented.
 This is what happens to many stolen bicycles in Japan. They are stolen and the thief rides it somewhere and then disposes of it if possible.
Rather than walk on the road, I decided to walk on this foot path that runs along the edge of a school. I was a bit surprised by the little orchard of fruit trees, something I have not seen in my walks around here.

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