Oct 18, 2014

An age old dam

I retraced my path back to the river, crossed the bridge again and start walking further south along the riverbank. I soon came to an adjustable dam with a fish run beside it. A week or so after taking this walk, I attended a meeting of the Senior Association and the speaker talked about the history of this area. She showed slides and maps so it was easy to know which of the places she talked about I had visited. For example, there has been a dam at this site for more than a thousand years.
 Notice the large log, a little below and to the right of the center of the picture. This is obviously left from the flooding that accompanied the last typhoon.
 This is the dam itself. The blue part on the top is moveable so the height of the water can be adjusted. When there is the potential for flooding the raise these moveable dams so that more water is held behind them, reducing the flooding downstream.

The statue on the right represents a local resident, one of the community leaders, who organized the rebuilding of the dam. The structure seems to house some of the machinery associated with the dam.

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