Oct 8, 2014

Construction at Mirikaroden

 There used to be a fountain inside the circular depression. You can see some parts of it on the left. This is in the open area in front of the main entrances into Mirikaroden, where I take classes.
 From the fountain the water ran down this artificial stream and into a drain in the distance. I believe that they have removed it because of a lack of water. Fukuoka city is constantly short of water and much of what they have comes from dams in the mountains south of my town. Last year we toured the site of a new dam but it won't be ready for another year or two. The town is promoting water conservation so it would be a bit of a problem if they were 'wasting' water on a fountain that very few people see. I have no idea why they spent the money to remove it when they could just as well left it in place. However, I am sure that the construction companies are glad for the business.


Jennifer said...

Hi Charles, looking at the typhoon Vongfong heading your way, and hope you and yours are safe and dry this week!
Metta, Jennifer

Charles said...

Thank you. According to the local weather forecasts, it is supposed to turn east before it gets to us but they are saying we will have lots of wind and rain.