Dec 27, 2014

At Mirikaroden

 I think I have finally figured out why the removed the fountain that used to be in the light colored circular area and filled in the stream that carried the water across the yard. Just passed where the fountain was, they have built a new driveway so that cars can enter. The cars can then let passengers off in this area. The main entrance to the building is just to the left. The car can then continue to the right and directly enter the parking lot.
I think I have mentioned that I take an exercise class on three Tuesday afternoons a month. This picture shows the set up. We each have a chair and a little platform. During the class, for two 10 minute periods, we step on and off the platform at the rate of 80 steps a minute. The height of the platform is adjustable and on the first day of class we take a variety of tests and the university where the program was developed recommends a height based on that data. We spend the rest of the 60 minute class doing various forms of stretching and also five minutes of what they call slow jogging, which consists of jogging at 120 steps per minute for one minute followed by 30 seconds of walking at a slower pace. Each day at home we do the platform activity and the slow jogging. However, recently because of my hospitalization and a damaged knee I have skipped the slow jogging and have only recently started the platform activity again. I have been amazed at how much difference it makes in my overall condition.

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