Dec 29, 2014

Something fishy going on

 I was on my way to my Go Club which meets just a couple of hundred meters down this road. I have walked by here many times and wondered why this section of the small canal has a net over it. It is hard to see in this picture but it is there. I was a bit early so I stopped to make a more careful examination.
To my surprise, a very large carp swam out from under the cover at the end and came right up to where I was standing. Soon there were around a half dozen of them swimming around. All the same grayish color as this one. From the way that they were paying careful attention to me, I decided that it must be about their dinner time. I imaging that the owner comes everyday at about this time and gives them food. The net is there obviously to keep the kids from fishing and the adults from bringing a net and scooping them up. Even there rather plain colored fish are quite valuable here.

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