Dec 9, 2014

Inside the small temple

 Since the door was open and the floor inside was concrete, I entered to get a better look at the altar. The statue in the middle of the displace, on the right here. Is a depiction of Kobo Daishi, the founder of the Shingon sect, so that makes it clear what type of Buddhism is represented here. The large statue on the left is a Fudomyo, a protector demon, who keeps evil away. The smaller statue between them also seems to be a protector demon of some sort.
The smaller statues in front to the large seated image of Kobo Daishi are probably also representations of him. I have a very small image of Kobo Daishi that I keep with some Buddhist and other things, I guess you could call them nicknacks. I will post a picture of it after I finish this walk.

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