Dec 28, 2014

How to pack ten eggs

The traditional packaging in Japan is quite different. This is not traditional but it is similar in many ways. Here ten eggs are placed in a plastic dish and the entire thing is then covered with a plastic net that is pulled tight and tied at the top, leaving a loop so that it can be easily carried.

The table in the picture is our dining table. It is a kotatsu. It has a heater underneath and there is a blanket under the table top, between it and the frame. However, this one is unusual. It has chairs and is the normal height for a table. The image of a kotatsu is a very low table with short legs where the person sits on a cushion on the floor. I've never been comfortable while sitting at a regular kotatsu. I do not bend in the right places, so we have not had one for years. However, when shopping for furniture for our new apartment we found this. It is a good place to sit and read at night. It keeps your feet nice and warm, and if you are the only one in the room, you can usually turn off the air conditioner.

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