Dec 13, 2014

My little display

I thought you might like to see the little display I have on the top of the cabinet next to my computer. To give some idea of the scale of the picture the Santa Claus in the front is about a centimeter tall and the figure in the rear on the left is 10 centimeters tall.

To the left of Santa is a plastic block containing a likeness of Sakamoto Ryoma (Japanese name order), one of the prominent figures in the overthrow of the Shogunate. On the right is another block of plastic with a likeness of Kobo Daishi, a Buddhist priest who I mentioned in the last couple of posts. Both of these were apparently made by focusing laser light into the block. They are rather amazing to look at since they are made from very thin lines inside the solid block.

Directly behind Santa is a small Buddha from Thailand. It was a gift from an old friend. Behind that in gold with a black background is another Buddha. This one I purchased during a visit to Yamadera, a temple that is reached by climbing a thousand stairs. I posted pictures of this trip in this photoblog about three years ago.

In the back row on the right is a model of a Northern soldier from the American Civil War. He has fallen off his horse, which is something that happened to my great grandfather during that war, so I image it as a statue of him. The rectangular red and black thing is a lacquered box with an Indian style elephant painted on it. Next to it on the left is a small raku pot that I made when I studied pottery in college. Finally on the left is a figurine that I bought in Tashkent. It is a bearded man holding two baskets of fruit.

In addition, there are two paperweights in the shape of ducks. I have had them since I was about two years old. You can just see the tail of one of them on the right. On the far left just a hint of a brass vase from India can be seen. I purchased this in a Glenelg antique shop in Adelaide, Australia.

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