Aug 17, 2014

Curry Shop

On this day, my goal was this little hole-in-the-wall curry shop. The curry is excellent and we eat there about once a month or so. It is also where we buy our coffee. The first time we ate here we had coffee after our meal and it was the kind of weaker coffee that we like. The Japanese call it American coffee. Since we had not yet found a good source of ground coffee, my wife asked them the name of the company where they bought it. She was going to call and find a retail outlet. The woman in the shop, she and a man who does the cooking (husband and wife?) are the only staff, told us that we could buy packages of the coffee from them. She also said that they sold the coffee to other people, too. So now, we buy about two bags of coffee a month from them.

My wife was in Tokyo helping with my grandson so I decided that in addition to the coffee I would have my lunch while I was there. As usual it was delicious. If I lived alone and had to commute into Fukuoka city for work, I would eat there quite often. They are also open at night, when they serve alcohol and the necessary tsumami. The Japanese always eat when they drink, often quite a lot, and this food that accompanies the alcohol is called tsumami no matter what it consists of. Again, if I worked and still drank alcohol, I think I would frequently stop in on my way home at night. Both the man and woman are quite pleasant and easy to talk to.

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