Aug 27, 2014

Festival games

This is one of the typical games that people, mostly children, play at local festivals. This one has a couple of pools of water in which a large number of superballs are floating. You pay a couple of hundred yen and get a little thing that looks like a small fan where the large round part is maybe three inches in diameter. This round part is actually just a frame covered with tissue paper. The object is to scoop up as many balls as you can before the water soaks into the paper and weakens it so that it will not hold the weight.

The little boy has a 'fan' and a dish to hold his winnings. It looks like he has gotten quite a few. The man in the red t-shirt is putting someone's winnings in a plastic bag. This type of game is very popular with the kids. One last point, if a kid is unable to get anything, they usual give him or her a few so that they go away happy. In other words, everybody wins.

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