Aug 4, 2014


This picture was taken by a friend of mine, Alastair Lamond. According to the sign, one box of melons costs 25,920 yen or about US$250.00. The sign also points out that there are two (2) melons in each box.

This is the gift giving time of year. I used to get boxes of beer or bottles of wine. People also send various kinds of specialty food and a variety of other things. The cost of the gifts is relatively easy to guess and also forms a part of the gift. Melons with their inflated prices, based on the pattern of ribs on the outside, are perfect when you want to make a definite impression. The recipient knows that it costs a lot.

We used to live in a melon growing area and were frequently given melons that did not have a good external pattern. They tasted the same, but the looks are important. The farmers give away or consume themselves the ones that do not look perfect so that they can maintain the high prices for the good ones.

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