Aug 8, 2014

Mini public library

This is the third floor of the station building. It is where my GO club meets. This large room contains two three sections. The one I was standing in contains a large display of pictures of the various archeological sites in the town. On the right, out of sight is a branch of the town office where you can do most of the paperwork that you need for daily life. For major changes you have to go to the main office which is a fairly long way from here but accessible by the 150 yen town bus.

The shelves in the picture are a mini branch library. The books can be borrowed from here on an honor system and any library book can be returned through the book box. I've looked through the collection and there are a lot of travel books, many novels, and a scattering of other books.

Just out of the picture on the right, there are five computers that are connected to the internet. They are old and slow but they are free to use. When we first moved here, I used these computers to access my gmail account while we waited for our cable connection to be installed.

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