Aug 18, 2014

Happy House

Japanese names for companies and products are extremely interesting and fun. This is a real estate agent called 'Happy House'. The name is written in katakana, the phonetic system that is used to render foreign words into Japanese. The one thing I wonder is how many people actually understand the meaning. When I used to ask my students about names, they frequently did not understand or just did not think about it, accepting the name as purely phonetic.

One of my favorite products is one of the first ones where I noticed the name. The product is a powdered coffee creamer and it has been for sale as long as I remember. It is quite popular and many people use the name as a general term for powdered cream. The name is CREAP. The label explains that this stands for cream (CREA) and powder (P). There are also packaged sausages named COWPAS, Think about it.

My wife has always wanted to have a party and serve nothing but things with strange names. There are enough that it would definitely be possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles, it's Jennifer from 60 Days to Jhana. I so enjoy your blog and photos! Your take on culture and beauty in the simplicity of daily life is refreshing and gratifying. The "Happy House" story reminded me of a new dining venue in the nearest large town where I live in BC, Canada. Two young women from Japan opened it last year and it is called "Cafe Burger Joy". They are so delightful and enthusiastic, the burgers are yummy, and it is truly a joy to eat there! They were impressed with my chopsticks, which I always carry in their own little lacquer box. Lots of konichiwas and arigatos! Keep up the lovely blog! Thanks!

Charles said...

Thank you, Jennifer. I'm glad you like it. Hopefully, it will cool down soon and I can start visiting temples and shrines again. There are many that I have not visited in this town and, of course, there are many, many more in Fukuoka city and in the prefecture.

In the fall, I hope to visit a nearby town to find out an 88 temple pilgrimage that starts in that town and runs around the local area. I understand that it takes about four days to walk the entire 50+ km trail. We want to find about accommodations, food, and especially maps. We are considering doing the pilgrimage in the spring or the following fall.