Jan 22, 2014

Going back down hill

 I had to go back down hill again, because the road ended. As I passed the golf club, or whatever it is, I noticed something that is very typical of Buddhist countries. This large boulder, more than 1.5 meters tall, had a smaller stone resting on it. Buddhists in particular, but I think people in general in Buddhist countries, place rocks on top of rocks to symbolize stupas, pagodas, which represent Buddha's grave.
 This is a common sight in Japan. The map shows the areas that have been designated as evacuation areas. In the even to a large earthquake or other disaster, people go to one of these areas, knowing that there will be assistance and emergency supplies on hand.
This appeared to be a private home. I suspect that the gardeners cost more they my yearly income now that I am retired and living on a pension.

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