Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year

This year we did not go to a shrine. We were not sure which ones in the area had any event. Also we were very tired. We had friends visiting for two days. We met them in Fukuoka and then took them to airport when they left. That was the first time that I had gone to town two days in a row since before my operation. I must say, thought, that it was definitely worth it. I had a chance to see old friends and to met their daughter who is a wonderful three year old.

Yesterday, January 31, my wife and I visited her sister's home. That made the third day in a row that I was out. We spent the afternoon there. We brought them some special New Year's food and they returned the favor by giving us so of the food that they had prepared for the holiday. In the evening my wife and I watched TV, jumping around a lot because we could not find anything interesting. Actually we spent much of the time playing games on our computers. We ate the above boxed meal and then later had the traditional bowl of soba noodles. I stayed up until mid night which is way past my normal bedtime.

Today, our niece and her two daughters are coming to visit. The daughters are going to stay with us for a few days.

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