Feb 17, 2014

Around Arahito Shrine

 This is a closeup of the things in front of the altar. The green things in the middle and in the yellow box on the left are sticks of incense to be burned in the white bowl. There are also some candles and matches. On the extreme right is a hollow wooden object that gives off a very pleasant sound when hit with a piece of wood. Many Buddhists sects use these objects to set the rhythm when they chant sutras.
 I turned 180 degrees and found I was looking back into Arahito Shrine. I could see the large tree and part of the structure for sumo.
Beside the Buddhist altar that we have been looking at there was a very small Shinto shrine. You can tell that it is Shinto because of the shimenawa. It appeared to have something inside and for a change there were no doors to block the view.

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