Feb 25, 2014

Hihaizuka Kofun

 I climbed the steps and found the kofun in front of me. From here I could not see the shape other than realizing that there were two mounds.
 Off to my right I found this signboard. It contains information about the size and lists all the things that were found when the site was excavated. The green and yellow drawing on the right shows the kofun from the top. This is what is termed a keyhole kofun for obvious reasons. The noble who is interred here would be under the center of the round part. The triangular section is flat and was used for various ceremonies. I spend quite a few minutes here reading the information on the sign.
In the brownish area on the drawing there is a break just below the circular area. The sign's text indicated that this was where they had entered during the excavation. I decided to check this out first. I found this door, which was securely padlocked. It is about a meter high and would allow easy access to the tunnel they dug inside.

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