Feb 22, 2014

The Name Unknown Temple

 The temple grounds are crushed between local homes. The space at the back of the ground, next to someone's home, contains a very small grave yard.
 This is a typical family grave. There are no bodies here. It appears that this site has a receptacle for ashes underneath the main platform. There is a small door. Most Japanese graves do not contain bodies or even ashes but are a site for the spirits of the family ancestors.
 This is a closer view of the stele at the top of the above grave. The writing says that this is the grave of the Saeki family.
 In front of the doors into the small building is a very nice stone bowl.
On the right side of the building is a stone pagoda and a lamp. The fence on the other side of the hedge is part of a large park, the place where I play ground golf.

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