Mar 21, 2014

A temple and a shrine

 This temple is on the hillside above the sidewalk. I visited it last year and it was not particularly picturesque so I did not bother going up the stairs.
 I am not sure whether this house is the residence of the priest or completely unrelated. I think the main entrance to both the temple and the house are on a driveway behind them.
This was one of my goals for this walk. The little building on the hill is a shrine. It is only a hundred meters or so passed the temple but I had never visited it. It was not marked on the map that I was using the last time I was in this area. Japanese maps are very interesting because no single map identifies all of the shrines, temples and major buildings. I usually check at least two and often more before going into a new area. Even then I keep my eye out for things that are not marked on any of the maps.

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