Mar 10, 2014

Finding a walking path

 Here is a closeup of the two statues I showed yesterday.
 I was quite lost at this point. I knew the general direction of home but was not sure of the road I should take. I had been forced to go around the golf driving range that I showed the other day and was having trouble with the roads. In housing areas the roads tend to twist and turn and to be very short, making it very easy to lose your way. However, I came to this footpath. Even though it was not going toward home (to the right in the picture), I decided to walk along it.
The dirt path soon gave way to a paved path in a very narrow space between houses and an overgrown area. It was a very pleasant place to walk. My only problem was that there was no way to get off it and it was turning farther and farther away from home.

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