Mar 5, 2014

On the temple grounds

I am not sure of the name of this temple. I could not find a sign, although I am sure there must have been one somewhere. My map does not show a temple at this location but it does show a Jo'unji a few hundred meters away on the other side of the street. As there was not temple at all at that site, I assume that the map is wrong and that this is Jo'nuji.
 The small plaque on the base of this statue says that it represents Shinran, so this must be a Jodo (Pure Land) Sect temple. Their approach is to chant short mantras as opposed to Zen which requires hours of meditation. My sect does awareness meditation as opposed to the concentrative type in Zen and most Mahayana sects.
 This is the gate but looking at it from inside the grounds. It is a bit unusual in that the temple bell is on the second floor of the gate. I have only seen this in one or two temples and they all had only small pieces of property.
Another slightly surprising thing was that, in addition to the old building I showed yesterday and the gate, they have this very modern looking building.

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