Mar 18, 2014

Naming buildings and a new dam

 This is a very new apartment building. The last time I came by here, it was still under construction. It lloked quite nice but it is a bit inconvenient unless you have a car.
 As I walked by the entrance, I noticed the name of the building - HUMIND KEYAKIDORI FOREST. The first word is apparently a Japanese creation made by combining the English words human and mind. The second is Japanese and keyaki is a kind of tree and dori means road, so it must be the name of the street, even though Japanese people generally do not name roads. They name the spaces between the roads. The final word is English and it probably refers back to keyaki. Some of the names that are created in Japan are extremely interesting.
A little farther on, I came back to the Naka River and saw that the new dam has been completed. The blue thing is a moveable dam that can be raised or lowered depending on the amount of water in the river. On the left of the blue section is another similar section which is currently in the down position. They have also rerouted the stream entering from the left so that it now flows into the river downstream of the dam.

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