Mar 11, 2014

Starting for home

 This little figurines were decorating the wall beside the entrance to a house.
 Getting nearer to home, I was passing through an area that we go to fairly often. There is a small department store, a regular bookstore, a used bookstore, and a mostly vegetarian restaurant along the main road. However, I had never walked on the backstreets to the north. From the main road, you can see a tree covered hill, so I though I would investigate. When I reached the beginning of the trees, I found that some of them were very large and very old.
A little farther along, I found a sign that said that this hill had been fortified in the past and that at one time there had been a castle here. Because I had already walked about 10 kilometers, I decided not to go up and explore the top of the hill but to leave that for another time.

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