Mar 19, 2014

Along a street

 The paved area has been divided by a canal. The only way to distinguish the sidewalk from the road is the posts that a blocking the road at the next bridge. Also, this is a good example of the way buildings here in Fukuoka are made to stand out by having interesting shapes, just look at the tall building on the left.
 Looking between to not very special buildings, I was able to glimpse a special garden. I think many people are more concerned about the garden than the building.
The sidewalk I was following just ends. It looks like they are planning to continue it but the work has obviously stopped, probably because funding will not continue until next year. I was forced to dodge across traffic to get to the other side of the road. Until now there had been no sidewalk on the other side, but now the only sidewalk was over there and the only way to get to it was through traffic. In Japan roads alternate between being narrow and being wide, sidewalks come and go. This is because of funding and property rights. When they have a chance they widen a road, even if it is just for a few tens of meters.

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