Mar 31, 2014

Searching for more blossoms

 I decided to walk around town and see if I could find some other cherry trees. I crossed the stream and started toward a little shrine that I had visited before. This building is a community center for a different neighborhood than the one I live it. I've walked by it before, but for some reason I had never noticed the tall metal tower with the observation platform on the top. I assume that it was built before there was a public fire department and would have been used to locate houses or other things on fire. Probably the reason that I had not noticed it before is that their is a shrine next to it. You can just see the roof line behind the upright.
 As I got closer I could see that the single cherry tree by the shrine was in full bloom, although it was not as impressive as the trees in Antoku Park.
This is the shrine from the other side. Or I guess I should say the torii at the entrance since you can not actually see the shrine.

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