Mar 26, 2015

A new road near home

 I was looking at a map and realized that the road that my apartment entrance is on actually extends on the other side of the main road. The road stops one block north where my building is but continues from one block south of the main east/west road. This day was Saturday, the day I go to my Go Club, so I decided to leave home early and take a long way around approaching the Club from the south rather than the north as usual. This is the intersection of the east/west (right/left in the picture) and the north/south (near/far) roads. The building on the left is the Vis a Vis cake shop, one of our favorite places when we are not thinking about our weight.
I crossed the intersection and continued south until I reached the first road to the left. The second building straight ahead contains Furin, our favorite restaurant. I've shown it before. They serve Chinese food but in a French fashion and often the meal is actually a mixture of French and Chinese. The nearest building is a dentist specializing in children.

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