Mar 20, 2015

Door decorations

 A new person has moved into the apartment below us. The family that lived there previously moved out a couple of months ago and a woman has moved in. I have not met here yet, so I don't know anything about her. When we came here, we followed the traditional Japaneses custom of introducing ourselves to everyone in the building and giving them a small gift. We gave the usual, small towels that are useful but cheap. In any case it is the thought that counts.

The door is now decorate with a number of objects and a couple of them seem to be made from straw and may be Shinto objects to protect the apartment.
You can see these two little animals in the first picture. They are in the window next to the door. We are much more practical. We do not have a decoration but instead have something that keeps the bugs away. There were some mosquitoes when we first came but with the container of chemicals they stay away.

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