Mar 17, 2015

Me, an unusual alien

 This is the cover of a free monthly magazine that is received by all the members of the Senior Club, the name in red at the top is 'Senior Nakagawa'. It is generally an information magazine that contains information about past and coming events.
This is one of the inside pages where they had a special section about me. It is more than half the page. I was one of participants in a ground golf competition. The woman who interviewed me said that she had checked and as far as she was able to determine I was the only none Asian member of a Senior Club in Japan. I also was told that these magazines are made for each senior club and they cover all of Japan. The interviewer also said that to the best of her knowledge I was the first 'foreigner' to be featured. The reason I put foreigner in quotes is that in Japan people from East Asia are usually not included in the term foreigner, especially Koreans and Chinese.

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