Mar 3, 2015

Along Nakagawa

 This is a large apartment complex, public, I think, which means low rents paid to the city. The thing that attracted my interest was the decoration on the ends of the buildings.
The Naka River, or Nakagawa in Japanese. This is a very peaceful walk with the river on one side and a long narrow park on the other. As you can see, there are not many people, but on weekends there are quite a few people out for walks.

There is a question when changing river names from one language to another: Should the entire name be left as is with the word 'river' added or should the original word for river be dropped complete? In going from Japanese to English, this gives us two options:

Nakagawa River
Naka River

I have been favoring the second but this can be a mistake if someone wants to search for a map or other information about the river.

One reason I use the second method is my experience when doing research on Vietnam. I found with a small river with a very large name. After some research, I discovered that the river name was only the first syllable, after that it was all the word river repeated in a number of different languages including a phonetic rendition from French. At the end of it all, the English word 'river' had been attached. Although I do not remember the exact number of times the concept 'river' was repeated, it was more than five. So the name was actually something like this:

Vietriverrieverriverriverriverriverriverriver River.

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