Mar 31, 2015


 This is the administrative office for the building. Notice the safe sitting on the floor. If anyone works in here, they have to sit on a cushion on the floor.

I waited until well after the starting time for our club, but no one came. I decided that I must have missed some announcement and went back to the first floor. On the wall near the entrance, there is a large white board that shows the monthly activities. Go was no listed for today. In fact, I discovered that it was a national holiday, Spring Equinox Day, so there was absolutely nothing scheduled. Since I no longer work, holidays are not relevant and I missed it.
I decided to go home and left the building. Outside I noticed that the monkey masks that have been laying on this stele for at least a year were gone. I wonder why?

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Anonymous said...

The stone with the rope looks like a kami is enshrined there or it's there to appease the soul of someone who died.