Apr 27, 2015

A fast food walk

On the main road that is one block south of my apartment there are a large number of restaurants, particularly fast food restaurants. The stretch of road is just over a kilometer in length and I decided to show you the various restaurants that are along it. I started from the Shinkansen tracts and walked west until I came to the intersection after which the wide straight road narrows and begins to twist and turn.

I walked to the intersection near the tunnel where the road goes under the Shinkansen tracks. On the sidewalk, I found this little display. A few years ago a pedestrian was killed in an accident at this intersection. Someone is putting out fresh offerings, including a little rabbit formed from a living plant.

 The first restaurant is a McDonald's. Since the scandal about the quality of food that they were importing from China, business as fallen off steeply and the other day the company announced that they would be closing 1200 stores around Japan. So, we are wondering if this place will still be here next year. To be honest, I have never been inside it.

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