Apr 24, 2015

Cherry blossoms and the ground golf tournament

The park was truly beautiful, so beautiful that even the kids were fascinated.
It was time for the tournament to start. The hundred and fifty or so people gathered in a group for the open ceremony. There were short speeches by the officials and by some town officials. After the speeches were over the head referee went over the rules. They we played three eight hole rounds, one on each course that had been set up. It was not the usual group competition, but rather individual scores were added. I was too busy to take pictures, but my final score was not as good as I usually do, but I was still in the top half with a one under par score.
After the match was over, our group, which is sponsored by the Senior Club, were given free box lunches by the Club and we all ate together. The is the blue plastic tarp that some of the people sat on. I brought a folding chair so I was quite comfortable. The pink spots all over the tarp are petals that are falling of the cherry trees. At some points they were so thick that it seemed to be snowing. All and all it was a very enjoyable day.

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