Apr 11, 2015

Getting there

 In a space between modern housing, I found to huge boulders (the gray areas under the trees) in a landscaped lot. The boulder on the right has a piece of ceramic resting on the top. You can see it clearly in the center of the picture. This is actually the object that is used to cap the end of a ridge line of a roof. I have never seen on displayed this way but it is probably all that remains of some famous person's home. Since the faces of both boulders are flat I assume that there must be something written on them but I could not see if this was so and did not feel comfortable in climbing over the stone wall that protects the area.
This was my goal for the day. It is a newly opened store called DAISO. It is part of a nationwide chain of discount stores where almost everything costs either 100 yen (about US$1.00) or 200 yen. The little green shack sells various kinds of snacks that you eat while standing in the parking lot or sitting in your car.

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