Apr 2, 2015

Wandering around the shrine grounds

 This is the second torii that stands just in front of the main building. I am always curious about the symbolism at shrines and temples but it is very hard to get answers to such questions. For example, the path that goes under the two torii and ends at the steps at the front of the building is slightly curved. You would think that this was deliberate since it would be so easy and natural to make it straight. I'm sure there must be some symbolism or other reason for it, but I don't even know who to ask.
Between the above torii and the building is a pair of lion statues which are to protect the shrine from evil. On the right you can also see one of a pair of lanterns. Candles can be placed in the cavity that is opposite the lion's chest. After the candle is lit paper is pasted over the openings to protect the flame from the wind and to give a nice glow to the light.

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