Apr 7, 2015

Leaving the shrine

 I finished circling the shrine grounds and decided that it was time to leave. As I headed for the torii marking the sacred area, I noticed that one of the tree trunks was covered with green moss. For anyone who is interested in folklore, this is the north side where the moss is said to grow.
Leaving the lane and returning to the road, I felt something was a bit strange. Then I realized that the large wooden apartment building that had had a bad fire on the top floor was gone. (I posted after the fire pictures a few weeks ago.) In the week since the last time I had passed here, the building had been completely removed. I walked over and discovered that the ground plan for a new building was already marked out and that the power shovel was not for removing the old building but was part of the construction for the new building. Change comes rapidly. It will be interesting to see if it will be another apartment building or a private house. Considering the location, I would definitely not expect it to be a commercial building.

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