Apr 6, 2015

Still at the shrine

 I was a bit surprised to find cherry blossoms. Most of the trees in the area are still covered with buds.
As I walked around the main building, I noticed something. The shrine building is made from wood in the traditional way. However, the foundation is quite modern. It looks like stone but up close it seems to be some sort of artificial covering. Considering the shape it is very like that the foundation is actually made from steel and covered with this stoney looking surface. Of course, since I do not have x-ray eyes, I can not be sure. In any case it was unusual. Most shrines have a stone foundation or, if fairly newly rebuilt, a concrete base.


John Molloy said...

Looks a bit like polished granite.

Charles said...

No, it is not polished granite. Up close the surface is actually rough, much like the stuff they spray on inside walls except that it is hard. It appears to be little grains of hard stuff with some sort of binder. Depending on your viewing distance, it looks completely different.