Apr 3, 2015

The main shrine

 Behind these doors there is a short flight of stairs and another set of closed doors that lead to the room in which the kami (god) resides. This roofed open space is used for ceremonies.
In the first picture you can see this painting in the upper right corner. Along the right edge of the frame the picture is dated to April 1934 and the writing on the left apparently gives the name of the character in the picture. Depicted in the painting is a samurai, his armor is in a pile behind him. He is playing a stringed musical instrument, a Japanese lute called a biwa. His music is calling forth a dragon. I am sure that there is a long story about this and that it relates to the origin or beliefs of the shrine.

The Senior Club cleans the shrine and the grounds at least once a year. I did not go last year because I was not feeling well and it was very, very early in the morning. Maybe this year I will go and find someone knowledgeable about the shrine and its history. There is probably information in the town library, too, but I have had too much going on to go an look. If I do find something, it will be in Japanese, of course, and historical writing is very hard for me to read, too much specialized language and background knowledge that I don't have. However, maybe some day I will give it a try.

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